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Bahabic means ‘I Love You’ in Arab. A name chosen because it helps you cherish memories of loved ones. Bahabic makes beautiful woolen plaids and shawls that keep your memories warm. Each piece is unique and made of pieces of clothes from loved ones or special periods.


I designed the corporate identity for Bahabic and all the components needed to launch the product: logo, website, business cards, correspondence set, brochure, gift box and labels. I used and transformed the calligraphy of ‘Bahabic’ into the logo, with the design reflecting the feeling that Bahabic makes a special and timeless product. It is all about life, love, memories and saying goodbye. This resulted in the shape of the logo being lightly based on a tree with roots and the fluent pattern of dots.

The calligraphy  of 'Bahabic' is transformed into the logo while maintaining being able to read 'Bahabic' in Arabic

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